Songteksten van 10,000 Maniacs

A Campfire Song
A Room For Everything
Across The Fields
All That Never Happens
Anthem For Doomed Youth
Back O' The Moon
Because The Night [Live/Unplugged]
Beyond The Blue
Big Star
Can't Ignore The Train
Can't Ignore The Train [Demo Version]
Candy Everybody Wants
Candy Everybody Wants [Live/Unplugged]
Cherry Tree
Circle Dream
Circle Dream [Alternate Lyrics Demo]
City Of Angels
Death Of Manolete
Don't Talk
Don't Talk [Live/Unplugged]
Dust Bowl
Eat For Two
Eat For Two [Live/Unplugged]
Eden [Alternate Lyrics Demo]
Even With My Eyes Closed
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Everyone A Puzzle Lover
Few And Far Between
Girl On A Train
Gold Rush Brides
Gold Rush Brides [Live/Unplugged]
Green Children
Grey Victory
Groove Dub
Gun Shy
Hey Jack Kerouac
Hey Jack Kerouac [Live/Unplugged]
Hidden Into My Heart
How You've Grown
I'm Not The Man
I'm Not The Man [Live/Unplugged]
If You Intend
In The Quiet Morning
Jezebel [Live/Unplugged]
Just As The Tide Was A-Flowing
Katrina's Fair
Like The Weather
Like The Weather [Live/Unplugged]
Lily Dale
Love Among The Ruins
Maddox Table
More Than This
My Mother The War
My Sister Rose
National Education Week
Noah's Dove
Noah's Dove [Demo Version]
Noah's Dove [Live/Unplugged]
On & On [Mersey Song]
Once A City
Peace Train
Pit Viper
Planned Obsolescence
Poor De Chiciro
Rainy Day
Scorpio Rising
Shining Light
Smallest Step
Somebody's Heaven
Stockton Gala Days
Stockton Gala Days [Live/Unplugged]
The Earth Pressed Flat
The Latin One
The Painted Desert
These Are Days
These Are days [Live/Unplugged]
These Days
Time Turns
Trouble Me
Trouble Me [Live/Unplugged]
Verdi Cries
What's The Matter Here?
What's The Matter Here? [Live/Unplugged]
Who Knows Where The Time Goes?
You Won't Find Me There
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