Artiesten met een H

Her bright skies
Her Majesty
Her Sanity
Her Sizzling Syncopators
Her Space Holiday
Her Zydeco Band
Heralds of Christ
Herb Alpert
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
Herb Avery
Herb Drury
Herb Ellis
Herb Ellis All-Stars
Herb Geller
Herb Geller Sextette
Herb Gross & the Invictas
Herb Hall
Herb Harris
Herb Jeffries
Herb Johnson & The Impacts
Herb Lance
Herb McGruff
Herb Mickman
Herb Middleton
Herb Morand
Herb Ohta
Herb Ohta, Jr.
Herb Pedersen
Herb Pilhofer
Herb Pomeroy
Herb Pomeroy and His Stablemates
Herb Remington
Herb Sneed
Herberman, Steve Trio
Herbert "Zeppo" Marx
Herbert B
Herbert Dawson
Herbert Dreilich
Herbert Groenemeyer
Herbert Gronemeyer
Herbert Joos
Herbert Leonard
Herbert LeRoy "Peanuts" Holland
Herbert Magidson
Herbert Pagani
Herbert Rehbein
Herbert Vianna
Herbert von Karajan
Herbie Brock
Herbie Fields
Herbie Flowers
Herbie Goins
Herbie Goins & Soultimers
Herbie Hancock
Herbie Hancock Quartet
Herbie Hancock Trio
Herbie Harper
Herbie Harper Quintet
Herbie Haymer
Herbie Haymer Quintet
Herbie Lewis
Herbie Mann
Herbie Mann New York Jazz Quartet
Herbie Mann's Californians
Herbie Nichols
Herbie Nichols Trio
Herbie Smith
Herbie Steward
Herbie Young
Herborg Kråkevik
Hercules & Love Affair
Hercules And Love Affair
Hercules Chorus
Herd, Benjamin
Here I Come Falling
Here Kitty Kitty