Artiesten met een B

Billy Maxted's Manhattan Jazz Band
Billy May
Billy May & His Big Fat Brass
Billy May & His Orchestra
Billy May and His Big Band
Billy May And His Orchestra
Billy May Band
Billy May Orchestra
Billy May's Brass Choir
Billy May's Rico Mambo Orchestra
Billy Mayerl
Billy McEwen
Billy McGee
Billy McLaughlin
Billy Mernit
Billy Miles
Billy Mitchell
Billy Mize
Billy More
Billy Murphy
Billy Murray
Billy Myers
Billy Nasty
Billy Newton-Davis
Billy Nicholls
Billy Nix
Billy No Mates
Billy Novick
Billy Ocean
Billy Oskay
Billy Paul
Billy Paul Williams
Billy Peterson
Billy Pilgrim
Billy Poodles
Billy Porter
Billy Preston
Billy Preston & Syreeta
Billy Price Keystone Rhythm Band
Billy Puddles
Billy Raffoul
Billy Rankin
Billy Ray Baber
Billy Ray Charles
Billy Ray Cyrus
Billy Reid & His Orchestra
Billy Roberts
Billy Rogers
Billy Rose
Billy Ross
Billy Scott
Billy Senesac
Billy Sheehan
Billy Sherrill
Billy Sherwood
Billy Shields
Billy Skinner & the Double Jazz Quartet
Billy Skinner Double Jazz Quartet
Billy Sprague
Billy Squier
Billy Stewart
Billy Storm
Billy Strange
Billy Strayhorn
Billy Strayhorn Trio
Billy Stritch
Billy Sunday
Billy Swan
Billy T Band
Billy Tabbert
Billy Talent
Billy Taylor
Billy Taylor Sr.
Billy Taylor Trio
Billy Ternent
Billy Ternent & His Band
Billy Ternent & His Orchestra
Billy the Gent
Billy the kid
Billy The Kill