Artiesten met een R

Russ Case
Russ Case & His Orchestra
Russ Case & The Satisfiers
Russ Case and His Orchestra
Russ Columbo
Russ Conway
Russ Freeman
Russ Freeman
Russ Freeman Trio
Russ Garcia
Russ Garcia & His Orchestra
Russ Garcia Orchestra
Russ Garcia Strings
Russ Garcia's Orchestra
Russ Giguere
Russ Gilman
Russ Hamilton
Russ Kassoff
Russ Lee
Russ Little
Russ Lorenson
Russ Morgan
Russ Morgan & His Orchestra
Russ Nolan
Russ Parrish
Russ Pay
Russ Peterson
Russ Phillips
Russ Reinberg
Russ Rentler
Russ Still
Russ Strathdee
Russ Taff
Russ Tamblyn
Russ Tolman
Russ Watson
Russ Wilson
Russel Lee
Russel Velazquez
Russel, Eleanor
Russell Allen
Russell Batiste, Jr.
Russell Brand
Russell Byrd
Russell Cook
Russell Crowe
Russell Dickerson
Russell Ferrante
Russell Garcia
Russell Garcia & His Four Trombone Band
Russell Garcia & His Orchestra
Russell Garcia & Strings
Russell Green
Russell Gunn
Russell Hitchcock
Russell Lee
Russell Malone
Russell Means
Russell Mills
Russell Moore
Russell Morris
Russell Nype
Russell Procope
Russell Shead
Russell Simmons
Russell Smith
Russell Thompkins, Jr.
Russell Velasquez
Russell Watson
Russell Wooding & His Orchestra
Russell, Henry & His Orchestra
Russell, Larry Orchestra
Russell, Larry's Orchestra
Russell, Leon
Russian Army Chorus
Russian Cinematographic Symphony Orchestra
Russian Federation Border Troops Big Band (Moscow)
Russian Red