Wag - Burn

You won't find me condescending
At your closed door
You won't hear how I feel.
Say you've been there before

The holiday's the hardest time
To fill in all the blanks
And you don't need anyone
To show you those mistakes

Wrap yourself up in only math
Of our world
Fill up the holes in
Your full heart with details

For all the riddles solved
And every puzzle you complete
Can't seem to find the pieces
To the heart that beats

You'll master every task
But always by the book
Then log it in your past with risk
That you once took

They left you then,
They'll hurt you now
Can't get too close to you
Or you will cut them down

And any fool can play
I'll raise the stakes with another turn
We risk, we roll and we burn
At arms length you never get hit

There's too much to gamble
When you let someone in
My true friend I'm spewing
And only one more positive

I just might spill some notable insight
I didn't think before I purged
So here I am attempting
To unlock your closed door

I wouldn't break it down
'Cause you'd be gone for sure
You might say something nice of me
And send it in a card

Or under whiskey breath
Slur kind words at the bar
And you're sinking me
While you stay afloat

In the tank you built
We drop, we'll never learn

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