M.i.a. - Bucky done gun

They're comin' through the window
They're comin' through the door
They're bustin' down the big wall
And sounding the horn

What you want
The bucky done gun
What you want
The fire done burn
Get crackin', get get crackin'

Time to spit new shit
I'm rocking on this new bit
I'm hot now you'll see
I'll fight you just to get peace

Heavy weight wrestler
Fight me in your comforter
Let you be superior
I'm filthy with the fury ya

I'll hard drive your bit
I'm battered by your sumo grip
Lucky I like feeling shit
My stamina can take it

Gymnastics super fit
Muscles on the gun clip
Bite, teeth, nose bleed
Tied up in the scarf piece

Can I get control
Do you like me vulnerable
I'm armed and I'm equal
More for for the people

Physical, brute force
Steel, iron you're the boss
Yeah you're so o-able
Grind me down sugar salt

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