Backseat Goodbye - Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away

"you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey.
you'll never know dear, how much i love you, please don't take my sunshine away".
it was the way you stayed warm.
when the cold hit that summer day.
on the coast off the shore of the town where we grew up.
like the time you turned your back on.
your freedom of america.
and all the ways you would curse in french slurred foreign tongue.
well i miss your rainy days.
and your sad grasp on gravity.
yeah you'd walk on water if it wasn't for your shoes.
and i can't say i haven't thought about it.
sailing these seas with our love.
storms will sweep us sadly i don't doubt it.
but that's okay, 'cause we've got love.
and i say "tomorrow is my savior,.
from my failure known as yesterday,.
yeah i'd pain't those grey skies blue if you'd say the word".
but you, you don't ask much.
from me and my broken touch.
you say "you're just a silly boy there's nothing you can do".
cast a stone to the water you always drown in.
judge the books you never read by their covers.
damn the skies you try to reach from the tops of mountains.
send the crying kids home for living life right.

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