S-lock - Return & purge (prod. rockitpro)

It's the return of S Dot Lock Yeah! The return of the one
The return of my father's only son the one you truly hate to love
Don't say my name again and I'll play again a beat that hits that soul
It's like sex drugs and rock & roll is the only thing you know
Whoah - wait - Yeah - Let that just sink in
Elevate the way your thinking & change the way you believe in
Yourself - Because you need that to succeed in life
Without vision, you're blind There's no way that you can see the light
Heed advice that's given when it's coming from the heart
Never listen to the voice inside unless you know it's God
It hard yet they say to take it as it's written
If we take it word for word then the word you worship's forbidden
So sit and listen, Pay attention to the words I say
Never let nobody hold you down and always keep your Faith
Let 'em say what they want just know you're headed to the top
Iron a clover just for luck if you think that it's all you got
God's blessin' me with lyrics gotta deliver and kill it
Bar after bar it was written like blueprints to a prison
See it's venom when I spit it's like I use a poison pen
It's the End of the Road for all of you growin' from Boys II Men
Lil' Kids on the radio mumblin' words
With so much autotune they only bumpin' in burbs
Haven't you heard I'm so hot I'll set fire to the block
And have the devil in the flesh beggin' for me to stop
Yeah you rock with the beat but see you didn't pay attention
I'm hotter than the flames on the devils burning victims
Better listen before it's too late the truth is upon your plate
You MC's are a bunch of fakes just be lucky you getting play
Ain't no way that you can stop me got an army in the making
Doin' laundry with the game and some will say that I'll be hatin'
As the team is assembled the beveled lion's in the sky
Watchin' our every move until the day that we die
So I'll start the crew and when I do it is over
It's the new face of hip-hop call it the Lion's Order
This is alpha and omega from beginning to the end
Take it back when rap lyrics had meanings within
Call it a sin cause it's murder on the mic when I approach
And when I'm back in full swing I'll leave you haters in coach
And then I'm Ghost takin my spot on top of the world
Then watch you haters burn from the light like your name was Pearl
I'll break it down if you want and let you know about the mission
I've been listening to the game it's like the real MC's are missin'
In the distance people wishin' for the lyrics to return
I'm not dissin' but just listen cause there's 'bout to be a purge

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