T.fitz - Your love

Oh my God listen Tracey came back
Imma have to show these other niggas how to act
Imma go ahead and do this shit up by myself
I don't need nobody else, nobody else
Til I met you
Baby girl you so different
You got me thinkin that you what I'm missin
So please, won't you stick by my side
Promise you I will provide

Your love, your love, your love
Always takes me higher
Your love, your love, your love
Burning like a fire

Nothing new same old, I don't give a fuck
Got my shit popping by myself I ain't need no luck
Got a new bitch, with a fatty talking double stuff
Flat stomach she ain't even need a tummy tuck
So far ahead I lapped up the runner up
All me never need a cover up
As I came up y'all checked out
Made y'all reconsider who u think is the best now
I seen the future and I might be psychic
And I knew these new niggas wouldn't like it
Cause they all wanna be just like me
But this ain't no Dej Loaf so don't try me
Don't let a nigga try me
Don't let a nigga try me

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