Zachariah baker & his guitar orchestra - A poem

I know
I can only write from my own perspective
To say differently would be a pretense
So here's a poem about me

My brain is a sieve
With holes one size too large
My brain is my childhood dog
Buried in a box in my backyard

And if I've hurt your little life
And live like I've forgot
Well, that's because i have

I have made mistakes
Mistakes that will come to light
"Tell me more, tell me more,
Did she put up a fight?"

But they all made a choice
Oh, and they all chose to stay
And I can't take the blame
They put themselves in my fucked up way

Am I better now?

Have you noticed that on cereal boxes
We always anthropomorphize the cereal itself
Wheaties with legs and eyes and catchphrases

Isn't that funny that
We humanize everything we plan to consume

I was born
Thankfully, I will die
And not one profound thing
Will I have said in the interim

My words will dissolve into blood
My yellow teeth in the sanguine flood
Still chipped and raw

Still dripping with the love
The love of better men
Still sharpened down to points
To better sink them in

Don't trust a word i say
It's not that they're lies
They're just the kinds of truths
That lead to a sadder life

Am I better now?

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