Zachariah baker & his guitar orchestra - Dear john

Dear John
I'm writing to tell you
Things haven't gone as planned
It's gone
All of our money, baby
I hope you understand

I can't just sit alone every day
Waiting for you to come and save me
There's something in the air here
It chokes me til i'm blue

Dear John
I'm writing to tell you
I've gone and spilled the wine
He was just so handsome, baby
You were finally off my mind

And i felt, for the first time in years
The sadness lift from my shoulders
In his arms, you melted away
Just for a moment
One peaceful moment

Dear John
Please, I still love you
I need you in my arms
Come home now, come home to me, quickly
Before there's nothing left of ours

I'm so sorry I've done what I've done
I had to fuck to feel forgiven
I was selfish, I was wrong
But it was still all about you, John
You, John
You, baby

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