Zachariah baker & his guitar orchestra - Trapped in pennsylvania

Trapped in Pennsylvania
So far away
From the woman who means everything to me

Trapped in Pennsylvania
Though that's not to say
Pennsylvania ain't an all right place to be

All right in the sense that some
People spend their whole lives here
But for me I don't think it's workin out that way

If I don't go I've gone crazy
Can't you see
She's everything to me

The woods here, they glow at night
That's pretty cool
Sometimes i go outside and just stare

The trees and hills and valleys
Well, they're greener than where I'm from
But they're missing that northern mean streak

And every glowing night I
Dream of my woman
Her green eyes, her soft freckles, her hair

If I don't go I'll go crazy
Can't you see
She's everything to me

It's the steel city
But the people are soft
Soft in the good way, not the bad

Hell, every of 'em'd
Give you the shirt of their back
That is, if you're a steelers fan

If i don't go i'll go crazy
Can't you see

Really I'm just biding my time
Making a little money with my Summer sweat and grime
And when I'm done, I don't need no more guitars
Just gotta fix my car
And I'll drive, drive, drive
To wherever to are

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