Zachariah baker & his guitar orchestra - Life is disgusting and people are trash

Life is disgusting
People are trash
You are revolting
You are trash

Someday the earth will shake us off
Like a bad case of fleas
But for now we do as we please
For now, it's as we like it

But we're still trash
Cosmic trash
The kind of crushingly intelligent Yet morally bankrupt galactic parasite
That shows up once every billion Years in an unfortunate solar system

And then fucks themselves to death
Fuck us all to death

Life is disgusting
And so are you
I know all your ugliest thoughts
Cuz I have them too

It's like all we ever do
Is ruin everything
Find the best and most beautiful lives
And ruin everything

We find that sliver of light
In a cavern of dark
And shit on the world
Til the sliver's a spark
And roar our own names
As we fuck all our friends
And the only thing that matters
Is we cum before the end

Life is disgusting
People are trash
You are trash
We are garbage

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