O.g. ron c. - Pop my trunk

Where dem hataz at
Where dem hataz at
Where dem hataz at
Where dem hataz at

Pop my trunk then
Pop my pop my pop my trunk then
Pop my trunk then
Pop my trunk then pop my pop my pop my trunk then

I beat the fat pat whatcha kno bout dat
We 4 deep in the lac then we all got gats
Jus in case a fool trip mayne ion think he wanna jack
Leave ya layin side ways wide open playn dat
Holla back was the funny whole world seen me comin
Was a bad ass kid yea my nose was runnin
H-town, 5th ward, yep dat my hood, ima twist it up throw it up yea its undastood
Its all good everybdy kno my name I'm deep rooted in the game sometimes I'm ridin plane sometimes I grip grain
On them 84s elbows swangers put em on the who do yo lifes still in danger
I'm shinin my neck wrist n my teeth 20 in screen jabbed in my seats (in my seats)
25 crew if ya wanna beat so I can
Pop my trunk then yep then yep

{chorus x2}

{Paul Wall}
When ya see me in the streets
I'm the same playa that ya hearin on these beats (paul wall)
Jus holla at me mayne
My paint drippin like my car had a leak
Sittin in my backseat will give ya headaches for weeks
When I pass sittin tall as a giraffe do the math while I get harassed
'cause I'm ridin a e-class
I jus laugh when I see them haters face make em eat my dust leave em wit a sour taste
You ridin on 17s so I guess you in last place 'cause the rims I'm ridin on come past my waist
When the trunk pop partna its a bop fest
I'm sumthin like a titty dancer 'cause my car is topless
When you see me on dat antwon turnin heads
My paint was burnt orange now its turnin red
Its paul wall ridin butter on the south we gutta
Its no wonder why dat original or wat uh(pop my trunk then yep then yep )

{chorus x2}

I'm the _________of the rap game go ask ya girl she gon tell ya the same thing
She wanna touch my mic dawg I heard she could really sing
4 15s in my trunk yea it really bangs silly mayne steady flippin on them cars
Bad broads throwin draws summertime I spit at nights sometimes I spit at broads
Wen I fall throu the club man they treat me like a star
When I dip throu the hood they say look at his car
I got a scar in my styrofoam white cup wen ya hear me say HUH gon throw it up
Wen I throw my partys bad broads they be showin up haters throwin up 'cause they kno a niggas comin up
(yea wine-o) I'm the talk of the streets I'm blowin up
Everybody hear my voice yea they can't get enuf
'cause I'm rough and I'm tough stackin paper like Bun(

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