L.a. salami - Minus his woman

In the far reaches of sense
where emotions are spent
on the relentless revisions of passions.

The aroma of stars
where certainty's marked
by reality's trials of our actions.

You'll find the scent of a woman,
the scent of my woman.

As red as the skies
on a sunrise divine
her hair entangles my own.

Her alabaster skin as pale
as the moonlight reflects the need
of my bones...

To be in the arms of my woman
In the arms of my woman.

In the absence of strength
in the anchor of flesh
I seek the gaze of any fraud going.

I find myself in these rooms
for an hour or so
with these girl I find value in knowing.

For the price of a woman,
at the cost of a woman.

When my woman is gone
when she is silent -
I am broken...

When she does call
and I am fearful
I must be brave.

Brave for my woman,
brave for my woman.

My daughter fits in the palm of my hand,
her eyes say she is surfing.

And I just hope she will grow to know a brave, kind, love -
this new little earthling.

When she becomes a woman,
when she becomes a woman.

My love, she is strong -
She will stare down a storm
but show it some mercy...

And when she is gone for long
and I start to go wrong
I know she don't mean to hurt me...

My woman...
my woman...
my woman...
my woman...

As long as my love approves
I can move in any direction.
It's not that i'm dependant on her for all
but there's power in her affection

'Cause it's not the same without my woman...
without my woman...
my woman...
my woman...

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