L.a. salami - When you play god (the 2018 copyright blues)

Each season tries my patience,
It's the winter's vote tomorrow.
But this throne's a game of nations,
Which have summer's past to borrow.
Clues past now meet rejection -
New gods and new complexions.
Soundbites've replaced dissection
And they say blind hate's for our protection

Maybe Kanye West is insane
But maybe he's not always wrong
But if you wanna play it safe
And keep out of the view of the monster,
It's best to just play along

I recall the Soviet Union,
When a thug took the wheel in the confusion.
The crowd lashed out - misread Rasputin.
Now the chaos is reigned in by the one called Putin.

A man, you could say,
Who likes to play god.
And if you wanna play it safe over there,
I guess It's best to just play along

I hear talk of revolution
Between the memes and the noise pollution.
Beneath the cracks of fact confusion
The serf's grown fat on restitution.

And even if you're not hungry anymore
They want you to play along.
And even if you eat only when you really need to,
They want you play along

If a fool can paint your landscape
It's not the paint that you should question.
It's his views the strokes which mention
Dissolution spewed in all directions
But we all take the painter's lesson,
But take her heed at our discretion
As Earth's leaves wilt beneath heat depression,
Every man knows that it's rude not to hide an erection

But he does deserve an intervention
When he tries to play god.
So, the question isn't the erection
It's Why do people try to play god?

I ain't sold my soul, so they stole my image -
The story and the vibe in a hack job scrimmage.
But I'm an ant in this game, so only God can witness
That even in Ondara one still gets shifted

But if you find that you are weak,
Then you must become strong
But if your strength unshackles hatred in yourself and others,
Then your strength is wrong

Maybe you treat hate with kindness
And an empath's eye
Man can't hate when at its' wisest,
The two worlds don't comply

So maybe you should practice forgiveness
If you want others to play along
Or maybe you should hide the seed that grew the apple
If you want to play god
Just go ahead and ignore the seed that grew the apple
If you really have to play god

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