L.a. salami - Dear jessica rabbit

I came your way for some respite,
I thought that you may need some respite too
I didn't expect to be accused of viewing you
The same way as a prostitute
Just because I like the way you move
And the way your dress sticks to the form of you
And you make a shape on which I could chew

Don't mishear my terms against your foresight
As a blight of lust as only lust undue,
Your brain and bust both hold the frame I view.

The chance of love held in the contract
Above the dance that serves to contact you
Is as slim as all such things as beautiful

But you say we can't be lovers and friends too
Well, let's just not meet then if that's all I am to you

I know you find my body useful,
As long as you're using me let me be of use to you
Yes, you appease the need for me to feel at ease,
And I am more than pleased to service you.
(I've gone down on you, now I think I'm due)
I've gone down now, I think I'm due
I've gone down now, I think I'm due
There's no need to be rude

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