L.a. salami - The cage

I've been many things so far in my life but a chooser,
Choices made for me tend to beget my abuser,
In the form of a baked eyed passive cruiser
Who avoids the eyes, at all costs, with his Zarathrustra.
You spend enough time alone, a glance'll cauterise your soul -
- turn your heart to stone - I feel it in my bones -
Take the reigns or fall in the unknown -
Poor as fuck but still trying to sell the fallacy I own - uh -
But solitude is where those callus seeds are grown, huh?
And they consume light from your wounds that are sewn shut.

...If I see this light I'll keep it for my own,
Besides the space in my eye for the apple that I know -
And I don't mean the brands that capitalise your soul
I could have a home with the money that I've blown

The food stops coming when your back goes,
That means the blacksmith can't relax though -
I milk my cow to keep the cheese but I'm lactose (intolerant)'
Capitalism's on its' knees telling math jokes
While the anarchist pushes for change but can't adapt though
It's a human old game
To suffer, and rebuff, til the Ubermensch reins (read up)
You're playing vanity's game
If you think the individual's too sacred to heed what our tapestry's saying -
Move out of apathy's way -
They say that group think's bad
but I'm always reminded that I'm black though.
The pattern extends through the micro and the macro -
Falling through the craft of gravity's path seems very natural.
As our star does backstrokes through space-time
We're seeing race wars rage live on face-time -
And this could be positive - ugly or not -
Magnified media - live! - focused on a spot -
Pulling the mass eye to it to gaze upon it as God,
Which raises the fear in it, which will encourage men to stop.
Ignorance is bliss - being vulnerable is not -
Knowledge equals suffering - but that's down to the devil's lot -
Profit could be war - Power could be peace -
Money talks but you're the one who decides how well it speaks.
As our scope gets wider, our hopes get higher
For creating that a world that a good god might desire
...It really feels like we're supposed to
But the devil rides the back of all the new ideas that we're exposed to -
That's why knowledge becomes a bomb -
A fact becomes a threat -
A Right becomes a wrong -
Any nuance in an argument or insult is gone -
In a black or white world you're either holy or you're scum.
This reminds me of the past, before McCarthyism,
When Abraham asked God how many good men he'd kill
Just to get his point across
It should be a clue that you're on the wrong side
If you're willing to destroy lives for the dogma
you've been anointed on
Cause rationality's regularly been outclassed by madness
The shit makes me anxious

...When information's free - And people can be seen -
And everyone can be heard anonymously,
Logic does decree that wisdom atrophies
As chaos takes the mainstage as no one intercedes.
For men this could just be a reflection of his greed -
A new type of tribal warfare of the egos that it feeds.
We could let it be - but war would supersede,
And that would be a seed to the hatred it would breed

Opened up a can of worms of sex in the sixties,
Now everyone's a brand of sex
- but the latter part of the twenty-teens is like the fifties -
- I grew up on Sex and the City,
So I say lets get down to the nitty gritty
- what's a euphemism really?
She shrugs, as masculinity lugs his own madness for her to heal
Cause femininity's Love
- And it always seems like Love is enough
But the great stage of unity comes
Cause of our fear of what comes from above.
Meanwhile below, while the mother's custodian's stray,
Just log into instagram to see that everyone's Dorian Grey,
And trying to separate fact from fiction
Without negating the facts in fiction,
The way that historians play
All of which could amount to the sum of a glorious way...
Which we witness day by day.

If I see this day - it's mine to be my own -
Besides the seat in my eye for the apple that I know
(Fair winds blow)
And I could mean the lies that advertise your phone,
Quarantine your mind and occupy your dome.
(Fair winds blow)
The seasons resume with no mind to pay
To the leaves it will outrun
(Fair winds blow)
For this reason some visions are bound to frey,
And get lost in the outcome
(Fair winds blow)
It could drive you crazy
It could drive you crazy
It could drive you crazy
It could drive you crazy

So I'm told I've got friends in high places
- my manager wants them to sell my Tees -
Little does he know that they just look down on me
- one of my mothers is on kemo and I have no self esteem
And I'm always letting my nightmares
prevent me fulfilling my fantasies.
Random or not, life goes shambles a lot,
Where you gonna look when the light goes?
Land in a spot
How you gonna know what the night knows?
Reach for a thought
You could blame God if you can't, but are they your hands or not?
In my head i've got a screaming clot,
Who grabs me seething by the scruff of the neck
- Are you a man or not?! -
You can't afford to leave, what you paying for a band for?
Half way to old age, still slave to a landlord!
- I could be pure but I ain't earning that -
The clever pastors fry days for the lord, and I ain't Bernie Mac.
I break my back to hand in my thesis
But all I get back is faeces
- the Tom Hobbes in me hits the blunt like Fuck my species!
- Can't let things be, too stressed out
Can't concentrate enough to read, but that's on me
- But whatever will be will be - And fate will sort the rest out.

... If I see this night, I'm leaving it alone
Besides, I've space in my eye for the apple that I know.
But I don't like the tone these four corners have bestowed
I can't get out the cage, in which I have been thrown.

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