L.a. salami - The cause of doubt & a reason to have faith

Deconstruction of the valley that I've used my wits to lay by,
Where there're now lay-bys,
I need to stay high
The urban vortex that commits these trees to grey skies
Give me the same vibe
As I watch the days fly.
Books on peace of mind ain't doing much to save mine
- I need a god! -
Yep, that might save time!
But the individual is the most sovereign of gods
But all I hear is who I'm with
And where I'm from
The good guys made a crucifix for if they think you're wrong
But a good guy can be someone
Who just brings the loudest crowd along

But nature refines the old device
The conscience power to modify
A basic instinct to colonize
But wise to seal the cracks that cause divide
We build our homes where the devil hides
So forgive the nature the saints despise

If living is to scrape by
And there are rules to play by
I must concede my maid's eye
Is the master she forbade lies
And if good is hard to come by
Then why's there beauty in a sunrise?
And if failure's not for good guys
Then why do prophets never comply?

I suppose this deep inside the city
It's not hard to feel alone.
The carousel of ancient clock work
Will wear away your bones.
But isn't that just home?
But isn't that just home?
But isn't that just home?
But isn't that just home?

I could give birth on this earth to an empty vessel,
Watch passive light pass by
and blink as the spectrum wrestles
or remember why this is special
while my idle hands fight the devil
I could be a solider in a chess war
A nationless soul in an airport
A loner who will always need that last score
A lover with no lover in the arms of an escort
God said have a play
Have a play at this old game

It's a reason,
It's a road you go all the way down.
Like the seasons,
It's a wave you wade your way in and out.
You may be bleeding,
But all your pleading does is wear you out.
You've got the feeling
That what you're feeding on is the cause of doubt.

The cause of doubt

To have walked this far is incredible in any kinda way.
To confine our ID to prioritise putting goodness on display.
But defining good' is the thing that needs to be understood
For our nature to sustain
And we have to survive to monetize the universe high-way

That's a reason to have faith!

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