L.a. salami - The life illusion


A chemical certainty on the eyes of the perceiving mind.
Square shacks and concrete eyesores -
Visions of the perceiving applied to nature -
And adored by means of practicality.
In reality it all suffices for the giant brushstroke of the life illusion.
Am I delusional when I ponder myself into the wilderness of confusion?
The fusion of the thinker and the thoughtless set the scene
for a mission towards meaningfulness...
But the answer is meaningless if the quasar vomits the recipe anyhow.
Think of the void's speed – Think of the loosened lumps of rock
in relation to the size of your resentment for mystery.
Hold on to the sides of your ambition and let your fingers
run through the mould.
God has the power to create from what he can harvest from the universe.
These are god's hands on guitar strings, ordering letters at the post office,
bleeding from playground fights, hardened from digging for gold,
covered in the blood of dead men,
wet from infant throw up.
These are god's hands praying for some let-up...
Your prayers will be answered...
when you have an answer for yourself.

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