L.a. salami - Lighthouse


Dirty walls painted like a chamber -
but your keepers don't like things to change
so they keep fear on retainer...
Gabriella turnt her back on me but I don't blame her...
It all just went so fast and I didn't have the life in me to sustain her...

Boxed in by swollen thumbs – where the bum nightmares
bit me in the eye ball and the ear drum -
Sisyphus sits next to me on calm days in the office
of the 1.5 by 3 meter hyperbole -
where the stalled hurricane of youth and dust succumb
to the tedioustrafies of the boss who can't cook
any admirable order – Of the clotted back room
of stolen goods – of the love that springs up out of
nowhere to heal your pain.
Love: The lighthouse of sanity...


I am choking on my future – who knows the heimlich?
Oh, Cadaver... proof of the universe – The old red grape juice
has settled on my see through paper cup – Take a sip!
My laptop sighs like a typhoon!
But can visions just end just like that, so suddenly with no explanation?
Ah, Gabriella sings somewhere off where the moths can't see her glow -
I can hear her through – The soft equator of miraculous misdemeanours
in the key of C – She sings to me while i am silent.
Silence: The lighthouse of honesty.


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