O.g. ron c. - Pat ewing

Swear to God I'ma stunt so hard
Pull up on the ladies
Got 'em sayin' oh lord
Ain't a thing lil homie let do it (let do it)
Going hard in the paint Pat Ewing x2

I ball from a distance
Pocket so ballistic
Boysenberry on my biscuits
My life style vicious
But don't contradict me
My reaction may vary
I done passed my s.a.t's
My legs folded indian style
On my lawn chair
Versace on my cabin
I use to like rapping
Until I found out im
Rap game Samuel L Jackson
Mixed with Eric Clapton
Sing a hook like Tony Braxton
Still find the time - in my - busy schedule
To make a few short lectures
Like a lazy neighbor
I found a autographed
High school picture , Darth Vader
On the back of my Aunt Thelma's wallpaper


Ima Stunt hard swang through the city
Scored a touch down
Watch me dance like P Diddy
Swanging in Buick
Ain't nothing to it
I still count bands
An I ain't make it off the music
Smoking big killer
California dank
Catch me flipping screens
While im pulling out the bank
Ima take it back
Like some Reebok pumps
Feel like Kris Kross
Way I make them boys jump
Paper sittin tall like the sears tower
Just like Scarface
I want the Money and the Power
Rolling up the sour, nothin but the sweets
Feel like Pistol Pete
Dropping dimes through the streets
Dimes on my celly
Swang through the telly
Keep it on the down low
Bitch im R Kelly
Ain't nothing changed
Yeah they know my name
Watch me switch lanes
Griping wood grain

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