O.g. ron c. - Juice

Now I got the juice
Now I'm feelin' loose
Now I got the juice
Now I'm feelin' loose
Now I got the juice
Now I'm feelin' loose
Now I'm fellin' loose
Now-now I'm feelin' loose
Now I got the juice
Now-now I got the juice
Now I got the juice
Now-now I got the juice
Now I got the juice
Now-now I got the juice
Now I got the juice
Now I'm feelin' loose

(Verse 1 - Riff Raff)

Now I got the juice
Now I'm feelin' loose
Jumping out the coupe, crushed jewels on my tooth
Two yellow companions at my mansion mud wrastlin'
Five minutes after might swang through White Castle
Don't get it confused I done broke all the rules
Don't get it twisted you see my name in hieroglyphics
Flippin' up my phone touch screen Motorola
Daddy, what's baking soda?

I noticed, I stay focused
Everybody noted that my words fully loaded
Nah I ain't no rapper
Acres Homes high capper
A-1 trapper and a fifth wheel relaxer
Flip game like spatula
Bleed block like Dracula
In my trunk an AR
Throw hands like César
Make you feel worthless, trap out the entire purchase
You think I ain't gon shine, you out your rabbit ass mind - BITCH


(Verse 2 - Contagious)

Hater repellant on my body
Trunk kicking like karate
Pop it up like a Ducati
Riding shotty in the big body
They call me big naughty
And bitching to get my stacks
Chill in the jacuzzi but relaxing like a bubble bath
Fit cost me 2 stacks
Shoes cost me double that
Gucci up on my waistline and I'm walking it like Johnny Cash
On the gas you can see my stock
Contagious never stops
Cabbage wrapped in rubber bands
Wrinkle free like botox
Swag poppin' like four Glocks
I got them fast feet
Haters talking down I'll run up on em like a track meet
I got that mac heat, affiliated but recognized
Everybody know I'm on the rise, so they on my side
Baby she love to ride, punch it like a gas gauge
Hit it up like Johnny Cage and twist it up like Riff Raff's braids
Fitted like a pair of Jays, A.Keys and DK
Get the repellant out and spray it on me like a can of Raid


(Verse 3 - A.Keys)

I'm on that MVP shit, call me Joe Montana
I got more juice than Minute Maid or Tropicana
I do what I do to upset a hater
I stay on the roll like toilet paper
Beanz and Kornbread on the beat so it's bumpin'
I'm staying on my toes like I'm reaching for something
Fuck what you say - I so hot
Call me Will Smith - I, Robot
Need a hostage team, I am your supplier
I'm Denzel Washington, Man on Fire
I am not a rapper, I am a musician
I stay high like college tuition
So hater, keep on barking
We in the front like handicap parking
Yeah you fresh but you ain't fresh like we
Recognize Records - Hip Hop Ent


(Verse 4 - Riff Raff)

Dodging paparazzi, ninja bike is Kawasaki
Yes I'm not comparable
Your gal is getting hysterical
K-pak from Pakistan
My skin like some quicksand
Packing like an Astro van
My spaceship needs a kickstand
Never been a scrawny cat
Gunning at your Pontiac
Slangin' at the laundromat
The basement where she's buried at
Blood on Fire, turning heads like a pliers
No batteries required
Rap game Michael Myers

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