O.g. ron c. - Bo jackson freestyle

I pull up leaning sideways, it's my way
I ball Monday to Friday, that's how I do it
Could've played for the Bruins
I'mma come through, I drink codeine fluid
I keep it in my veins, I keep that shit restrained
Four thousand degrees when I step out of my plane
Where you at in Ireland, with Kathy Ireland
The way I smile and stand, the way I come through I figured I'd ball to Pakistan
I keep that shit wrapped up
Diamonds on my trunk, 50 grand on my cup
That's how that shit go, that's how that shit play
Riff Raff call Dre, I done came through I sat sideways at a Chinese buffet
And I'mma sip, I'mma be the rap gameOh shit, look who it is, the white damn Marvin Gaye
Cause I can sing a hook, but I can read a book
But I could come through, I got all kinds of cooks
Inside my house, they still like a shrimp
I'm balling like a pimp, they done sent my name across the Goodyear blimp
And when I come through everybody gonna hate me
I done came through and got Versace ice skates
I'mma come down, but I could still play for the Raiders
Like the Bo Jackson, trunk is on crack, balling in the back
I fucked four bad bitches in my Maybach
And they goingman, I do this shit for fun
I done came through on Hot 97, but I'm the one
I got the Grapes, it's the grape one
I got some grape lungs and I got some grape kush
That boy came through, I can knock and I can push
Bench press 'bout 370 front yard
I done came through I'm still watching Charles in Charge
They gonna hate me, every time they try to stop me I done ball lately
I should be on Chelsea lately, I should have my own talk show
Ballin' on these hoes, I done came through slamming Cadillac doors
Pink slab on foes, it's candy paint but I look like Jada Pinkett
Oh shitthat boy is the white white Will Smith
I'll give your ass a gift, I come through I wood-wheel twist
I spit some explicit ass shit, they might have to edit
I'm still big-headed, I'm watching Malcolm and Eddie, I chopped the block like Freddie
Krueger with a Ruger, I'll come through, I'll do ya
I maneuver through the Great Wall of China, I done came through I got a bitch she look albino
No, she just yellow, I'm a known villain, I can sing a hook, beat, or the acapella
I gotOh damn, look who it is, Bill Cosby sweater
It's so hot, I keep that shit heated
I freestyled, the engineer got pissed off, he tried to delete it
I put a Glock to his sleeve, I keep that shit kosher
Glock on my poster, Riff Raff came through with a Charles Barkley emotion
That boy had to dunk
I pop the trunk on a punk, and then I
Freestyle with Art Monk all the way in Washington, D.C
They wanna be me, but they can't see
How I do it, I could've played for the Ruckus Rugers
I pull it out and if they hesitating, I can meditate, I can make my trunk levitate
I freestyle, Bill Gates, cause that shit ain't nothing
I'll come through, I'll tell your ass something
On Halloween, I came through I flipped a candy pumpkin
Ball like it ain't nothing
I done played in the league for 20 years like Tim Duncan

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