I believe in my mess - It makes you mad

I am challenged, because it speaks to the amount of work that has to be done.
because when we see those kind of ideas of religious hostility, racial inferiority, it's just a challenge to us that we have got to nip those ideas in the bud before they begin to flower and prosper.
because, we don't like to think that this could ever happen again, but it could happen again.
and your heart is never gonna dance if you're going through this.

makes you angry,
it makes you mad,
cannot stop the feeling,
it makes you feel bad.

we've gotta do better,
yes, we do
but cannot start the healing,
cause it's happening again.

do you believe
that change will ever come,
or can you stop the feeling,
that moment has been gone.

please can you tell us,
that change will someday come,
or can you stop the feeling,
revolution's been far gone.

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