Earl B. - So Fresh So Clean Ft. Roy

Earl: (Chorus)
Imma say cheese
when you see me in the fresh white Tee
I'm so fresh dude I'm so clean
y'all never seen a n***a dressed like me, I'm so clean
so fresh so clean, so fresh so clean
and that's what I mean

Roy: 1st verse
you ain't no ballas y'all n***a's is lightweight
y'all like shelf puttin' food on my plate
I guess I'm the boss 'casue the way I'm movin' these stakes
but I'm the same dude who eat banana's with his corn flakes
and when I flake it out you know what I be about
I'm a G rap repper when I ring-a ring 'em out
I got the tool to your mouth what you be about
I ain't tryin'a be hard but that's what I be about
I gotta get my money so y'all can't see my rocks
when I'm movin' my legs they like "d**n what he about?"
money, cash, hoes, and doors, and clothes
big body's sittin' on 24's
money on my mind you know
slow it down youngin', I got riches to get
I'm sir mix a lot when I'm mixin' these hits
hot s**t that I spit, Roy that's it

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Earl: 2nd verse
when I roll up I got my ears froze up
hop out the whip throwin' the 4, 4's up
n***a's I'mma say cheese
and when your b***h look she here hooked to my sleeve
got the game shook now n***a's can't breathe
oil slick when I spit to the beat
n***a's please
my flows so freeze
so I'm tryin to stack G.'s I'm tryin' to save chips
that's why a n***a be workin' the slave shifts
y'all n***a's just mad y'all ain't got no gifts
n***a's better slow they roll up some 'cuz
II don't give a f**k about no n***a around here
mouth those fish y'all n***a's be clear

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Roy and Earl: 3rd verse
I'm so d**n fresh call me Mr. Building Maintnance
Roy high as hell boy
what they call him?
Earl B.!
listen, I'm so clean
me and my team
finna get cream
y'all just lame
y'all n***a's stay your lame
y'all n***a's can't stop s**t
n***a's ain't got s**t
you n***a's can't cop s**t
you can't cop s**t that's why you hatein' on us
'casue we got your b***h on the passenger side of the whip
doin' unnecessary s**t
that's why she f***in' with the clique
man the boy so fly ans smooth
when I grip that tool y'all mad
y'all n***a's can't stop the crew
when I come through, easy baby
y'all n***a's can't see me baby

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be easy

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