T.i. - You know what it is (feat. wyclef jean)
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[Intro - T.I.P. (Wyclef Jean)
(Ay Boy, Don't Spill My Drink Boy)
Pull It!
(Now Listen) ... Grand Hustle homie
(Everybody report to the bloodclot dancefloor
You love the beat)
(Boy you know what it is)

Ay, (brat), Ay (brat), Ay (brat
Yo T.I.P, talk to them bloodclot)

[Chorus - T.I.P]
I'm a real nigga Homie
Show Six figga's on me
I got a pistol
You don't want it
But You know what it is
Im way fly-er
my pay is way higher
If they ever mention sire
Boy You know what it is
about that drama
You don't want no' problems
Goatta love that lama
But you know what it is
I get Money, all I count is big money
this is all you get from me
boy you know what it is

[Verse Intro - Wyclef]
Yo T.I.P, let them little rock boys know how you movin
(Boy You Know What it is)

[Verse 1 - T.I.P]
The wait is over here we go again I'm back in the plate
Gon sell another couple mill and take it back to tha 'A
Gon take that other couple mill and put it back in the safe
5 carats for the crib only b
I'm in big crusies 2 steppin with the gat in the waist
T.I. aint in the streets no more fo sho is that what they say?
No more cryin when you sayin boy you have to be great
Cuz that pistol will hit ya in ya face yall peeps will have to replate
That's if you like it and if ya trust me it wont hurt me to take
A Hundred thousand to them Haitians you'll be murdered today.


[Verse Intro - Wyclef]
Yo T.I.P, some boy wanna playa hate,
Let em know who tha king of the south is!
Talk to em!

[Verse 2 - T.I.P]
Women sweatin when they see me im apparently hot
Had the album of the year nigga grammy or not
Remember all day I used to stand in one spot
2 revolvers in my pocket pitchin handlin rocks
See me now? choppin, there aint a car I aint got
Im the #1 customer at my own car lot
If ya wanna know how much I make just imagine alot
Even tho I prolly gettin more then you'd imagine I got
listen close I need to know if you understand me or not
if ya disrespectin me you and your man'll get shot


Went from the King of the south, to the king of the states
Ridin in a car you probably never seen in the states
No Idea how much yay I can bring in the states
You could get a hundred of em for a million today
Lucus aint the only one who made a million a day
But it's an American Gangsta right here in ya face
And you dont wanna see P$C on the scene with a 'K
You think you running and prorobbin that aint even the case
And just because you get away that dont mean its okay
You a dead man walking and I mean it okay.


Some of dem boys want to talk what dey have done.
They guns sound like popcorn.

[T.I.P. & Wyclef talking to the end]

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