2pac - Don't Sleep (feat. Lil Scrappy)

(Verse One: Tupac)

When I,
Enter the first zone worst known Mic holder
My Hummer roll up, evacuating strapped soldiers
Inside strategy, manifesting military styles casualty tragedy, when niggas battle me
My prophesized prediction
Switch and move positions
Separated from his gun and bitch, and watch him start snitching
I keep spitting still stupid niggas fail to listen
I personify this thug living, hell or prison
My ammunition varies
My voice carries
Watch me invite, the whole world me and the mob getting married
It seems horrifying screams pierce the dark
Just as expected
A trick bitch, where is your heart?
You mark, watch niggas fall when I call they name
We Outlawz hold ya head, niggas all the same
Except some want more out of life than stress
We still thuggin' till there's none left
Don't sleep

(Chorus x2: Stormy)

We gon' ride, keep my Pistol on my side
Always sleep with the Nine
When I ride, when I ride
(Don't sleep)
Doing fine always hustling on the grind
Cause I gotta get mine
All the time, all the time
(Don't sleep)

(Verse Two: Nutt-so)

Dumping on motherfucker's at random, rapidly
Wit accuracy, they shouldn't of talked bad to me
It had to be, a motherfucking murder
I'm glad to be, the nigga that did the murder
So sad to see, another motherfucking floating in plastic wreath
Sleep, with his head wide open
Rapid release, keep the police closed in
Casualties, ?? DB ??
Dumped the nigga on the asphalt
Then drove off to the hills
Positioned him on his knees and blew the back off him
Death with the ??
Death to ya
Cry when the bullet's fly ??

(Verse Three: Kadafi)

I blast first to till they body
Like my guns in varieties
Running wit the real big willies you silly punks try to be, but front
Doing my walk-bys rolling blunts
Hands on my nuts in the getaway car full of stunts
Addicted to my nine
Moving like crime through time
Popping niggas like pimples nigga nothing simple bout mine
Etch a sketch it
Dumping on all you punks at intersection's
Day in n day out ain't no easy way out's or easy exits don't sleep

(Chorus x2)

(Verse Four: Lil Scrappy)

G's up, A-Town
When I hit the street
I like to see it to grind
Blood, sweat and tear when I bust my rhyme
Yeah I unfold my foe like I unload my Nine
And when I let loose
There ain't no crew standing but mine
I gives a damn about fame fuck acting shiesty
Some one who knew I was in jail and didn't write me
Wanna bite me then come find me
Whatever you do shorty you better think wisely
You might see me with a stack in the truck
I give you my thought's and pen similar to a saran wrap
I look like ? I'll never be
Yeah I'ma keep it G I'm from the 3
And Scrap'll never sleep

(Chorus x2)

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