D'angelo - Sugah daddy

[Verse 1:]
It's just the way she's so raw and uncut
She needs a spankin' to shake her up
And I just wish that I could open her up
To this deeper place of love
High priced snake skin on her arm (oooh)
Lace satin covering up her charms
You shoulda seen the way they tossed and turned
The way she made the congregation squirm

Girl's got a worldly view
Apparently she sees through you
Her love was never meant to share for two
She said I'll do it if you'll be my sugah daddy

[Verse 2:]
Take a note from my philosophy
I'ma give her what she need
Can't snatch the meat out of the lioness mouth
Sometimes you gotta just
Ease it out
I give her a pacifier
I fill my baby's crib with all the lovin' Daddy wants to give
And when it comes to rocking her to sleep, I'll never tire
This is the way I pat my baby on the butt, good God
She had me hooked with only just one glance
She need a spankin', baby, that's wussup
Lawd, Lawd
You say you wanna be the one she chooses to star in her meaningless romance

[Chorus 2:]
Girl's got a worldly view
What's a sassy girl to do
And if the decision was left up to me
You best believe that I would be her sugah daddy
Brown eyes that will make you blue
Eyes that'll see right through you
She crossed her fingers when she said her vows
She said I promise that I'll sock it to you daddy

[Verse 3:]
So I take the child to my crib
I ain't gonna tell you what we did
I hit it so I made the pussy fart
She said it's talkin' to ya, talkin to ya Daddy

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