V-Male - The Less You Seem To Know

As he lays himself to rest
On a flowerbed
Staring at a black coloured ceiling

A blanket made of air
A pillow made of stone
He lays himself to rest
Master on his thrown

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Alarmclock made with feathers
Breakfast filled with sand
Walking past the shoreline
His life in his hands

Magic fingers draw attention
To the people passing by
Generocity fills his stomach
As it fills his mind

Yeah, yeah, yeah

The more you have
The more you want
The less you'll able to give
The more you need
The more you have to get
The less you seem to know
What really matters...

The more you had
The more you wanted
The less you'd able to give
The more you needed
The more you had to get
The less you seemed to know
What really mattered...
Not all that comes to you serves you right

Yeah, yeah, yeah

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