Forest sun - Dancing again

All the broken hearts
Strewn around our feet
Make it hard to move
Make it hard to speak
So grab yourself a broom
And we'll make our selves some room
And when we've cleared the floor
We'll try the dance of love once more
I can hear the music in my mind
Seems like it's been there all the time
Round and round we go
How long it lasts ain't nobody knows
But I'm happy just to be dancing with you
You've built your hopes so high
And me afraid of heights
But the more that time goes by
The less I need to fight
And all the mildew and the dust
From all those lonely nights
Has settled on my trust
Has clouded up my sight
But I don't need to see to dance
And I'm still willing to take that chance
So let me have your hand
Right here where we stand
I'm happy just to be dancing again
I said I'm happy to be dancing
So happy to be dancing
I'm happy to be dancing again

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