K's choice - Little man

I have a brother
I love more than me
He and his wife
Had a little baby

He hates sudden noises
He can't stand bright light
I suppose
He'd have rather stayed inside

Little man I wonder
Are you happy, are you sad
The one thing I'm sure off
You're the smallest man I ever met

And you will see beauty
And you will feel pain
You're the little spark of hope
Inside my brain

I am so sorry
About the world we put you in
I am so sorry
I'll never be like you again

Little man so much to learn
And so much to forget
So much to give
Before I go to bed

I think that your first words
Just may be your best
And I hope that "˜I Love You'
Will be your last

Oh how I hope that you'll
Grow up to be happy
Oh how I hope that you will
Set a tear for me

You wonder who you are
And that is not unusual
Cause no one's ever sure

Little man will you remember me

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