Scarface - Big dogg status
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Ho! It's young 'Face, slanging yay everyday
Heavyweight, got a bad bitch in every state
On the grind non-stop till I touch this cake
Mark ass niggas stay the fuck up out my way
I'm a true O.G., you can quote what I say
I'm an H-town nigga from around the way
Southside, ridin' Dirty like I'm UGK
Asshole by nature like my name was Trae
And I don't gang-bang, I patrol the game
And what I'm representing here is putting holes in brains
Before I say the same thing I'll be old and grey
'Fore I fall off and rap about my clothes and chains
Gripping grain and popping trunks, dog but that ain't me
These elbows hit the scene back in eighty-three
I stay street, when it's done, that's that
You could find me in your hood pumping monster crack
I roll over rodents in Rovers with rims on 'em
Sniffing out a rat I expose him and then dome him
A lot of niggas bitches, they claim that they OGs
A straight up pussy and claims that he knows me
You see I, putting out these DVDs
Now my shit done hit the streets, he gots to squat the pee
Got the Feds on his team so they watching me
Mousetrap for a rat, pussy watch and see

[Hook: Scarface (UTP)]
I've been straight... (For a long time)
Getting cake... (For a long time)
E&J... (For a long time)
Nigga... (Try to get like this!)
I've been a G... (For a long time)
In the street... (For a long time)
Toting heat... (For a long time)
Nigga... (Try to get like this!)
I got big dogg status [x8]

I came here to exercise my game
Spread love to the hood is how I do my thang
Smoking weed with my homies, barbecue them wangs
Sip Hennesey and coke cause I don't fuck with drank
Don't pop pills either cause that shit ain't cool
We just drunk a mad Dom 'fore we went to school
Flick off, back then I was smashing boys
Jump wrong, you saw a nigga get his ass destroyed
Same rules right now, I demand respect
And if I slapped one hoe, then her man was next
I'm a kick door robber, a hot-shot driver
A crack rock slanging motherfucker for a dollar
If you dare to be laid, then off in the Lincoln
But if it ain't no way, then believe I'm finna' take it
Cause a nigga with no hustle, it ain't worth this G
And a bitch like this is even worse than that
I've been good at bullshitting but this game can cost
And if a nigga can't maintain, mayne he lost
He a nerd, and they fuck nerds in jail I heard
And as a nigga, I come in here with my balls and my word


Now the subject of this story
Is about the boys
Runnin' around talkin 'bout how they ride this cars
I was sittin' in the Benz at the age of 19
When I was 21 I had a yellow ferrari
22 I was Porschin' with the top let aback
23 with the Rolls with the pipe to match
24 wasn't trippin' on what I came up in
I was focusin' how to be like j's back then
Money power and respect was the life I choose
Being famous wasn't nothin' I just like my doe
I was livin' in the fast lane mayne fo' sho'
Sure tip but quick up and let this thang unload
So if I had a problem with you, you the blame you know
Send a message and then this niggas brains explode
So if you see a nigga holla at me passin' by
Show up the deuce when I be leave and don't be askin' why


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