Songteksten van Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Black Night White Light
Born To Run
Ferry Cross The Mersey
Ferry Cross the Mersey (...And Here I'll Stay)
For Heaven's Sake
Happy Hi
Happy Hi! (All in the Body)
Happy Hi! (All in the Mind)
Is Anybody Out There?
Kill the Pain
Krisco Kisses
Lunar Bay
Maximum Joy
Maximum Joy (DJ Rene Club Mix)
Power of Love
Power of Love '93
Power of Love (Rose Searle Club Mix)
Power of Love - Win Hearts and Minds
Power of Love 09.29
Power of Love 2000
Power of Love/Leave the Rest to the Lazy/Twelveztas Five Imagine
Power of Love: 2K
Rage Hard
Rage Hard "Slam Bam"
Rage Hard (Broad)
Rage Hard (Don't Lose What's Left)
Rage Hard (To Be Stamped)
Relax (Club 69 Ft Anthem Pt 1)
Relax (Club 69)
Relax (Come Fighting)
Relax (Man Has a Sense for the Discovery of Beauty)
Relax (New York)
Relax (The Last Seven Inches)
Roadhouse Blues
San Jose
Stop the Cavalry
Suffragette City
Teh Power of Love
The Only Star in Heaven
The Power Of Love
The Power Of Love/Bang...
The Power of Love (...Best Listened to Be Lovers)
The Power of Love (2k)
The Power of Love 05.29
The Power of Love...(Best Listened to by Lovers)
The Power of Love: Version 2
The Welcome to the Pleasuredome
The World Is My Oyster
The World Is My Oyster (Including Well and Snatch of Fury)
The World is My Oyster (Including Well, Snatch of Fury)
Two Tribes
Two Tribes (Apollo Four Forty Remix)
Two Tribes (Olav Basoski's Triberium Power Mix)
Two Tribes (Remix)
Two Tribes (Rob Searle Club Mix)
Two Tribes, song
Two Tribes: '93
Two Tribes: 2K
War (And Hide)
War (Coming Out of Hiding)
War (Hidden)
War (Hide Yourself!)
War (Somewhere Between Hiding and Hidden)
Warriors Of The Wasteland
Warriors of the Wasteland (Turn of the Knife)
Warriors of the Wasteland (attack)
Watching The Wildlife
Watching the Wildlife (Die Letzten Der Menschheit)
Watching the Wildlife (Die Letzten der Menscheit)
Watching the Wildlife (Hotter)
Welcome To The Pleasuredome
Welcome to the Pleasure Dome
Welcome to the Pleasuredome : '93
Wish the Lads Were Here
World Is My Oyster