N phase - Turning tricks

You don't know girl, what I planned for you
A little bubble bath and some whip cream too
Just bring your body and an pen mind
And when i lay you down just let your soul unwind

I'm waiting patiently-please girl don't take too long
'Cause baby i promise that i won't do you wrong!!
My mouth is yearning for some of that tasty love
So bring it on girl,'cause tonight we're in another world

Turning tricks with you,
Doing things that you want me to do
Turning tricks with you
Doing things that you want me to do

Now that you're here girl, I want to take my time
Put on some Luther and sip on a glass of wine
I'll lick your body, now I know what's on your mind
You want me to go there (yeah that'll be fine)

I want to turn you out,and make you soaking wet
'Cause tonight will be a night I know you won't forget
I like to you you sweat
And the look in our eyes is telling me that you want me to come inside!


You feel so good baby
I hope this feeling never ends
So won't you hold me tight?
And I'll love you through the night

And when I'm through pleasing you,we're gonna
break for a minute or two
And then it's on again so won't you tell me when I can
turn another trick with you


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