O'neil, melissa - I won't take you back

I saw you hanging on Saturday night
You didn't even know I was there
Holding her hand in the parking lot
I know I shouldn't care

I wanna feel loved for a minute
Don't wanna be taken to the limit
But it feels like you keep pushing me there

Don't think that you're better than that
Don't even think you're the only one on my map
I know it's cool when you're there
If you're playing a game then I swear
In a heart beat
I won't take you back

Don't think that I can't see it
When you're looking at her
It doesn't take a genius to know

That I wanna feel love when I'm around ta
I wouldn't give up unless I found you
In the arms of someone else


Even if you're begging on your knews
I'm not the kind of girl to be that weak
Don't think I'm kidding
(It feels like you keep pushing me there)


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