Ard adz - Fun with it
Overige artiesten: J boy

No going home, I'm live in the streets
Your girl got boom by this brown-skin G
Man do road like, "Money ain't for me"
Invade homes, we the housin' team
She go got cartridges of that crew
And we lick it out on they road
J Boy's always been a bit cocky
Man just take your bitch, she get low
And I got bars for days, now they pree me
Their eyes watchin' me like I'm TV
Man shot free, man don't need no EP
Gyal had said he virgin and they move sneaky
All-black trackie and a beanie
That's my style, I swear they see me
Gyal just cattie, don't want leave me
Dem man scatty, man so cheesy

All o' my dogs are grown, none of them rep two digits
Let a man try at this show, I'll be, I'm there in two minutes
Lick a man down on my own, I let a man know who did it
I'm greezy all on my own, man know Adz move wicked
I'll put a new mash on the block, now the old mash looks jealous
Just got chased by the cops, now I gotta go eat jollof
My lot send off the shots, you eat corn like Kelloggs
My lot lying in the field, you lot look like hedgehogs

Juice in my cup got me fucked like there ain't no twenty-four hours in my day
I like to get paid
Bro just four for and eight, so I gotta step out for a chain
Ounce in a day
I was moving ounces and ounces, until I got locked by the Jakes
I not fuck with the fakes, 'cause don't try to switch for a bitch
I'm like, "Shit, man, what a mistake"

Boom, payday come
You spend it in a night and now payday done
Man wanna say my name on a tree
Man a catch man, man get Beyblade spun
What? Why say namin' sons?
What? Man'll put blade in lungs
What? Where are you gettin' all this energy from
Blood, you ain't even ate in months

No face, no case, best run
Man do rollie to see red rum
A man do shows, pitch them hoes
They get home then the place get turnt
Sip that liquor
Gyal get boned, then she skate like figure
Heart went cold, lost bro, that was hurtful
But I still got Adz like commercial

J, pass me the zoot
Play pound up, I'm lardy or two
Fuck dem man, you got ten man
But he'll get licked down by the army of two
When man bang, my dogs on it
Dem man bad? Far from it
If I catch man, run man over
Reverse car and park on him

Please don't make me start on them
Headbutt too, keep my style foreign
She put her two lips on my column
Like gyal love gang, yeah they beatin' on 'em
I been doin' road
Smoke through the sum' now I'm feeling that show
Next trip dem like you can come home
Ting bark like dog, so we fill it with bone

(I, I, I, I, I)
Dem man are on QuickQuid, tyrna go get them a lend (eediots)
Me? I'm tryna get rich quick, then I'm gon' share with my friends (with all of them)
Dem man dial bitches to come and fuck, but
When them bitches come, they cut, 'cause they're all sharin' the Benz
None of my dogs do judge, all o' my dog dem lucky
Tell 'em J, don't just juke, I run a man down like Chuckie
Tell a man don't diss Adz, I run a man down with a cuttie
Bitch in a car and Chanel, she get low and give a man ucky
My dog step in the place, see the whole place get tunnup
Manna don't step with a gauge, you know say gang gon' run up, blaow
My dog rolls with the trey, man, your whole team get bunnup
Like, man you get best with a tray, cocoon got heat, like sun up

You feel me?
On some Brixton boy shit, you feel me on this?
Don't be attin' mans sayin', "Man do grime," you feel me?
Man grew up on grime (?)
Ah? Aye
You feel me? Boom!

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