Artiesten met een T

The Calvin Milburn Band
The Cambridge Circus
The Cambridge Singers
The Cameos
The Campbell Brothers
The Canadian Tenors
The Candid Jazz Orchestra
The Candlelight Guitarist
The Candy Canes
The Candyskins
The Cannonball Legacy Band
The Canterbury Choir
The Canton Spirituals
The Cantorum Choir
The Cantorum Chori
The Cantrells
The Capgun Holdups
The Capital Dance Orchestra
The Capital Stage Cast and Orchestra
The Capitol City Dusters
The Capitol Jazzmen
The Capitol Years
The Capitols
The Capricorns
The Capris
The Captains
The Captivators
The Car Is on Fire
The Caracals
The Caravans
The Caravans
The Caravelles
The Carburetors
The Cardigans
The Cardinal Sin
The Cardinals
The Caress
The Carib Beats
The Carlisles
The Carloses
The Carnations
The Carnegie Hall Jazz Band
The Carnival Steel Drum Band
The Carol Singers
The Carolina Chocolate Drops
The Caroling Company
The Carpenters
The Carpool
The Carps
The Cars
The Cartel Sa
The Carter Brothers
The Carter Family
The Carter Family
The Carter Twins
The Carters
The Cartesian Duelists
The Cartoons
The Carubas
The Carvels NYC
The Cascade Players
The Cascades
The Case
The Cash Box Kings
The Cash Brothers
The Cash & Carry Blues Band
The Casino Royal
The Casinos
The Casiotones
The Casket Lottery
The Cass County Boys
The Cassini Projekt
The Cassino
The Cast Of Frozen
The Cast of Frozen Fever
The Cast of Phineas and Ferb
The Castasticos
The Castaways
The Castelles
The Castells
The Castiles
The Castle Jazz Band
The Castles
The Castros
The Casualities
The Casuals
The casualties
The Cat Band
The Cat Empire
The Cat's Pajamas
The Catalinas
The Cataracs
The Catch
The Cate Brothers
The Cate Brothers Band
The Catenary Wires
The Cathedral of Praise Choir
The Cathedral Quartet
The Cathedrals
The Catholic Choral Society