Artiesten met een T

The Katies
The Katinas
The Katy
The Katydids
The Kavanaghs
The Kaye Choir
The Kaye Sisters
The Kayoks
The Kaze
The Keepsake
The Keith Christmas Blues Band
The Keith Ingham Quartet
The Kelb
The Kelele Brothers
The Keller/Kocher Quartet
The Kelly Bowlin Band
The Kelly Brothers
The Kelly Family
The Kemist
The Ken Darby Choir
The Kendalls
The Kennedys
The Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Big Band
The Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland Sextet
The Kenny Hadley Big Band
The Kentones
The Kentucky Colonels
The Kentucky Headhunters
The Kenyan Boys Choir
The Kernal
The Kerry Boys
The Kestrels
The Kevin Waide Project
The Keystone Quartet
The Khan
The Kiboomers
The Kickovers
The Kid Chocolate Band
The Kid Daytona
The Kid That Ran Away
The Kids
The Kids Band
The Kids from "Fame"
The Kids From Sesame Street
The Kids of Summer
The Kidsongs Kids
The Kidz Band
The Kiffness
The Kiiboomers
The Kik
The Kiki Hamilton
The Kilburns
The Kill
The Killarney Singers
The Killer
The Killer and the Star
The Killer Barbies
The Killers
The Killing Tree
The Killingtons
The Killjoys
The Kills
The Kindred
The Kinetic
The King
The King Blues
The King Brothers
The King Khan & BBQ Show
The King Of Christmas
The King of Sax
The King's Division Normandy Band
The King's Men
The King’s Men
The King’s Singers
The King's Singers
The King’s Son
The King Sisters
The King Snakes
The Kingbees
The Kingdom Choir
The Kings
The Kings of Harmony
The Kings Of Jazz
The Kingsmen
The Kingston International Reggae All-Stars
The Kingston Trio
The Kinison
The Kinks
The Kinsey Sicks
The Kirby Grips
The Kirkland Project
The Kisscats
The Kisslcats
The Kite String Tangle
The Klame
The klaxons
The Klerks