Artiesten met een T

The Hours
The House Atlantic
The House Avengers
The House Band
The House & Garage Orchestra
The House Jacks
The House of Love
The Housemartins
The Houserockers
The Housewreckers
The How Do You Like Me Nows
The Howard Alden Quintet
The Howard Alden Trio
The Howl & The Hum
The Howlin' Wolf Band
The Howling Tongues
The Hoxtons
The Hubbards
The Hudson Brothers
The Hudson Falcons
The Hues Corporation
The Hugeness
The Hula Honeys
The Hullaballoos
The Hum Drums
The Human Abstract
The Human Beinz
The Human Body
The Human Experience
The Human Heart Beat
The Human Hurdings
The Human League
The Humanizing Project
The Humans
The Humble Brothers
The Humblebums
The Humpers
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
The Hunger
The Hunna
The Hunt
The Hunter Ronson Band
The Hunters
The Huntingtons
The Hurt Process
The Husbands
The Hush Now
The Hush Sound
The Hustle Boyz
The Hustle Standard
The Huzz
The Hydes
The Hymns Ensemble
The hype
The Hypes
The Hytones
The I-10 Chronicles
The I Don't Cares
The I Society
The Ian Carey Project
The Ian McDougall Quartet
The Ian Rich Orchestra
The Icarus Line
The Icelandic Choir
The Icicle Works
The Icons
The Idea of North
The Ides of March
The Idle Race
The Idols
The Iguanas
The Ikan Bakars
The Ikettes
The Illadelph Horns
The Illionaires
The Illustrated
The Imaginaries
The Immaculate Crows
The Immortals
The IMPACT Repertory Theatre
The IMPACT Repertory Theatre Group
The Impacts
The Impakt
The Impalas
The Imperial Army
The Imperial Sound
The Imperials
The Imperials
The Imperials
The Imperials Quartet
The Impossibles
The Imposters
The Impressions
The Impressions & Jerry Butler
The Imus Ranch Record
The In Crowd
The In-Men LTD
The In-Moment
The Inchtabokatables
The Inciters