Artiesten met een T

The MD X-Spress
The MDH Band
The Mears Brothers
The Meas
The Meat Purveyors
The Meatmen
The Mecca
The Mediaeval Baebes
The Mediam
The Medic Droid
The Medicine Dolls
The Meditations
The Meemies
The Mega Kids
The Megatones
The Mekons
The Mel Cooleys
The Mel-Tones
The Melismatics
The Mello-Kings
The Mello-Larks
The Mello Men
The Mello-Moods
The Mellomen
The Mellonheads
The Mellow Men
The Mellowmen
The Mellows
The Melodians
The Melody Men
The Melschrino Strings
The Members
The Membranes
The Memphis All Stars
The Memphis Boys
The Memphis Horns
The Memphis Symphony Orchestra
The Men
The Men of the Deeps
The Men They Couldn't Hang
The Mendes Brothers
The Mendoza Line
The Menheads
The Mentors
The Menzingers
The Mercenaries
The Mercy Cage
The Mercy Cage & Shine Brida
The Meridian
The Merry Macs
The Merry Melody Singers
The Merry Yuletide Singers
The merrymen
The Merrywoode Singers
The Merseybeats
The Merseys
The Merton Parkas
The Mescaleroes
The Mess
The Mess Inside
The Messengers
The Messengers Of God
The Metal Alliance
The Meteors
The Meters
The Methadones
The Method Actors
The Methods
The Metro Stompers
The Metronome All-Stars
The Metropolitan Music Ensemble
The Metros
The Metroschifter
The Metz Family
The MG's
The MGM Crooners
The Michael Kane Band
The Michael O'Neill Quintet
The Michael Zager Band
The Mick Lloyd Connection
The Micragirls
The Micronaut
The Micronauts
The Microphones
The Mid-Summer Classic
The Middle East
The Middle Eight
The Midi Mafia
The Midiri Brothers
The Midnight
The Midnight Callers
The Midnight Ramblers
The Midnighters
The Midway State
The Midwest Winds
The Mighty Blue Kings
The Mighty Bop
The Mighty Clouds of Joy
The Mighty Diamonds
The Mighty Echoes