Artiesten met een T

The Two of Us
The Two-Bit Terribles
The Twylight Zones
The Tymes
The Tyrants in Therapy
The U-Liners
The U.K. Gospel Choir
The U.M.C.'s
The Uelversheim Symphonics
The Ugly
The Ugly Americans
The Ugly's
The Ultimate Bearhug
The Umbrellas
The UN
The Unbande
The Unbelievable Truth
The Undead
The Underachievers
The Underbeats
The Undercovers
The Underdog Project
The underdog project vs sunclub
The Underdogs
The Underground Committee
The Undertakers
The Undertones
The Undertow
The Undeserving
The Undisputed Truth
The Unguided
The Unicorns
The Unifics
The Union Gap
The Union Underground
The Uniques
the united
The United Girls of R&B
The United States Navy Band Country Current
The United We Funk All-Stars
The Unitone
The Universal Studio Orchestra
The Universals
The University of Georgia Redcoat Band
The University of Miami Jazz Vocal
The University Of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Jazz Ensemble I
The Unknown
The Unknown Poet and Queen
The Unknown Project
The Unknownn
The Unlikely Candidates
The Unlovables
The Unseen
The Unseen Guest
The Untamed
The Untamed Gorillaz
The Unthanks
The Untouchables
The Unwanted
The Upper East Side Big Band
The Upper Room
The Upsetters
The Upsetters
The Urchins
The Urge
The Urgency
The Used
The V-Disc All Stars
The V.I.P. Gala Show Act
The Vacation
The Vaccines
The Vad Vuc
The Vagabonds
The Vagrants
The Valadiers
The Valayans
The Valentine Girls
The Valentines
The Valli Girls
The Vampin' Blues Band