Artiesten met een T

The Quintet of the Year
The Quintette Plus
The Quotations
The Race Band
The Racket
The Racket Squad
The Raconteurs
The Rad Trads
The Radiants
The Radiators
The Radio Dept.
The Radio Four
The Radio Galaxy
The Radio Kings
The Radios
The Radishes
The Raelettes
The Raes
The Rafters
The Ragga Twins
The Rah Band
The Raiders
The Raiders
The Railbenders
The Railheads
The Rain
The Rainbooms
The Rainbow Collections
The Rainbow Group
The Rainbows Randy
The Raincoats
The Raindrops
The Rainmakers
The Raisin Pickers
The Rakes
The Ralph Carmichael Singers
The Ralph Sall Experience
The Ralph Sharon Trio
The Ramainz
The Ramblers
The Ramones
The Rampage Trio
The Rampart Street Paraders
The Ramsey Lewis Trio
The Ran-Dells
The Rance Allen Group
The Ranch
The Randy Heller Percussionists
The Randy Oxford Band
The Randy Watson Experience
The Range
The Range Riders
The Ranger$
The Rangers
The Rankin Family
The Rankins
The Rap Kaiser
The Rapids
The Rapper Jesse Thomas
The Rapsody
The Rapture
The Rarely Herd
The Rascals
The Raskal
The Rasmus
The Raspberries
The Raspberry
The Rat Pack
The Rationals
The Rattles
The Raunchy Young Lepers
The Raven Doll
The RavenMasters
The Ravens
The Ravens
The raveonettes
The Ravyns
The Ray Brown Trio
The Ray Bryant Combo
The Ray Charles Singers
The Ray Charles Sisters
The Ray Conniff Singers
The Ray Hamilton Orchestra
The Ray Martians
The Ray Miller Orchestra
The Raylettes
The Raymarks
The Raymen
The Raymonde Singers Etcetera
The Rays
The Razz
The Re-Bops
The Re-Entrants
The Re-Mix Heroes
The Readings
The Ready Men
The Ready Set
The Real ABBA Gold