Artiesten met een T

The Roost
The Rootikals
The Roots
The Ropes
The Roqueville Orchestra
The Rosadocs
The Rose
The Rose Chronicles
The Rosebuds
The Rosenberg Trio
The Rosenbergs
The Rosette Gospel Singers
The Rotations
The Rough Cuts
The Roulettes
The Rovers
The Royal
The Royal Bopsters
The Royal City Band
The Royal Concept
The Royal Counts
The Royal Guard Horns
The Royal Guardsmen
The Royal Me
The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra
The Royal Royal
The Royal Teens
The Royal Turns
The Royalettes
The Royals
The Royalteens
The Royce Twins
The Roys
The RRR Mob
The RTTs
The Rua
The Rubberneckers
The Rube
The Rubens
The Rubettes
The Rubinoos
The Ruby Gabor Strolling Strings
The Ruby Suns
The Rubyz
The Ruckazoid
The Ruckus Habit
The Rude Boys
The Rudeboyz
The Rugbeaters
The Ruler
The Rumble Strips
The Rumjacks
The Rumor
The Rumour
The Rumour Said Fire
The Rumours
The Runaway Boys
The Runaways
The Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir
The Running Kind
The Rural Alberta Advantage
The Ruse
The Russ Bergquist Project
The Russ Martin Ensemble
The Russell Garcia Orchestra
The Russian Futurists
The Rust Belt Brigade
The Rutabega
The Rutles
The Ruts
The Ryde
The Rydell High Singers
The "S"
The S.L.P.
The S.L.P.
The S.O.S. Band
The S.O.S. Band
The S.T.O.P. Movement
The Sacados
The Sachal Ensemble
The Sacred Shakers
The Saddle Club
The Saddle Kings
The Sadies
The Safaris
The Safety Fire
The Saint Alvia Cartel
The Sainte Catherines
The Saints
The Salads
The Sally Cats
The Sallyangie
The Salsoul Orchestra
The Salt Water Taffy
The Salt Water Windows
The Salteens
The Salvation Army New York Staff Band