Artiesten met een T

The Runaways
The Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir
The Running Kind
The Rural Alberta Advantage
The Ruse
The Russ Martin Ensemble
The Russell Garcia Orchestra
The Rutles
The Ruts
The Rydell High Singers
The S.O.S. Band
The S.T.O.P. Movement
The Sachal Ensemble
The Sacred Shakers
The Saddle Club
The Saddle Kings
The Saddlemen
The Sadies
The Safaris
The Saint Alvia Cartel
The Saints
The Salads
The Sally Cats
The Sallyangie
The Salsoul Orchestra
The Salt Water Taffy
The Salvation Army New York Staff Band
The Sam Price Trio
The Sam Willows
The Samples
The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
The San Jose Community Choir
The San Remo Golden Strings
The Sana Band
The Sandmen
The Sandole Brothers
The Sandpebbles
The Sandpipers
The Sane
The Sanford-Townsend Band
The Santa Monica Flyers
The Santana Brothers
The Sapphires
The Sarah McLachlan School Choir
The Satin Doll Trio
The Satin Tones
The Satintones
The Satisfiers
The Saturday Night Live Band
The Saturdays
The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
The Savoy Sultans
The Savoy Swing Band
The Sax Pack
The Scabs
The Scarlets
The Scene
The scene aesthetic
The Scenic
The Schlagerflowers
The School Girl Allstars
The Schoolyard Heroes
The Schuers
The Score
The Scorpions
The Scotch Greens
The Scott Family Band
The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra
The Scourger
The Scoville Unit
The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies
The Screwtopians
The Script
The Scumfrog
The Scumfucs
The Sea and Cake
The Seabellies
The Seahorses
The Seamus