Artiesten met een T

The Reign of Kindo
The Reigning Sound
The Reindeer Section
The Reivers
The Rej3ctz
The Rekkening
The Reklaws
The Relatives
The Relativez
The Relentless
The Relics
The Remains
The Rembrandts
The Remingtons
The Remo Four
The Remote Viewers
The Renaissance Singers
The Renegades
The Rentals
The ReOrders
The Replacements
The Replicas
The Representativz
The Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre
The Republic Tigers
The Republicats
The Rescues
The Residents
The Response
The Restless
The Retrosic
The Retsej
The Returned
The Returners
The Reunion
The Reunion Legacy Band
The Reunion Show
The Revelations
The Revelations
The Revelers
The Revels
The Revels Chorus
The Revenants
The Revenents
The Revenge
The Reverend Horton Heat
The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
The Reverendos
The Reverends with Piero Monterisi
The Revisit Project
The Revivalists
The Revolution
The Revolution Smile
The Revolvers
The reynolds girls
The Rezillos
The Rhythm Kings
The Rhythm Orchids
The Rhythm Rangers
The Rhythm Rascals
The Rhythm Rockets
The Rhythm Roots All-Stars
The Rhythm Wreckers
The Rhythmaires
The Rhythmettes
The Rhythmic Troubadours
The Rhytmaires
The Ribeye Brothers
The Rich and Famous
The Rich Kids
The Rich-Tones
The Richard Allen Singers
The Richard Smallwood Singers
The Richard Thompson Band
The Richman Toy
The Richter
The Ricochets
The Ries Brothers
The Riffraff Project
The Riffs
The Rifles
The Rifters
The Riga Boys' Choir
The Right Brothers
The Righteous Brothers
The Rim Rock Ramblers
The Rimshots
The Rincon Surfside Band
The Rio Singers
The Rioters
The Rip Chords
The Ripper
The Rippingtons
The Rishi Rich Project
The Rising
The Rising Pints
The Rising Storm
The Rita Williams Singers
The Ritchie Family