Artiesten met een T

The D's 3
The D4
The Daddy-Doo Band
The Dagons
The Dai Dai
The Daily Crime
The Dakotas
The Dale Bruning Quintet
The Dallas Boys
The Dallas String Quartet
The Damage Manual
The Damascus Experience
The Dambuilders
The Damnations TX
The Damned
The Damned Things
The Damning Well
The Damnwells
The Dan Band
The Dan Karlsberg Group
The Dance
The Dance Company
The Dancehall Doctors
The Dandy Warhols
The Danes
The Dangerous Crew
The Dangerous Summer
The Daniel Matto Quintet
The Danleers
The Dannie Marie Band
The Danse Society
The Dap?Kings
The Daptone Horns
The Darcys
The Darins
The Dark
The Dark Shadows
The Dark Sighed
The Dark Tenor
The Dark Whatever
The Darker the Shadow, The Brighter the Light
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
The Darkest Romance
The Darkness
The Darleens
The Darling Buds
The Dartells
The Dartmouth Aires
The Dartmouth Cords
The Darts
The Das Kaput
The Dashing, Young, and Bold
The Datsuns
The Daugherty McPartland Group
The Dave Brubeck Quartet
The Dave Clark Five
The Dave Costa Trio
The Dave Cummings Band
The Dave Laib Project
The Dave Youngman Quartet
The Davenports
The David Bowie Knives
The David Broekman Orchestra
The David Grisman Bluegrass Experience
The David Liebman Group
The Davis Sisters
The Davis Way
The Dawdler
The Dawn
The Dawn Drapes
The Day of the Beast
The Daybreakers
The Daylight Savings and Loan
The Dayton Family
The Daytrippers
The Dazies
The Dazzlers
The dB’s
The dB's
The De Castro Sisters
The De Luca Brothers
The Dead 60s
The Dead Angels
The Dead Bedrooms
The Dead Coats
The Dead Daisies
The Dead Ends
The Dead Milkmen
The Dead Minutes
The Dead Rabbitts
The Dead Records
The Dead Shakers
The Dead South
The Dead Tongues
The Dead Weather
The Dead Youth
The Deadcats
The Deadhand Heretics
The Deadlights
The Deadlines